Friday, February 24, 2012

Not being heard, take 2: When they aren't listening

I've had a very interesting chronic pain saga since the last time I posted anything. Apologies for the loooong break in updates!

I want to jump right into this post with a discussion on the flipside of my last post about being heard, which can be found here. Over the last few weeks, I have really been struggling with my rheumatologist's office refusing to hear how much I've been suffering.

As you may remember, I saw my doctor on January 25th and was injected with two syringes worth of depo-medrol for my pain. My nurse emphasized that I needed to call within three days if my body did not respond to that huge dosage of steroid. And it didn't. So I called, as instructed, and was treated to possibly the worst reception I have had since beginning my relationship with my rheumatologist's office.